Hello DON'Tsayit lovers! Sorry it's taken us so long to give you an update, but things have been crazy busy in the kitchen and in the study.

As well as having produced three new illustrated texts - a poem, a song for a brother and the infamous tale of Bonnie & Clyde - with Bonnie Friend Design & Illustration, which were then beautifully colour match framed by Alex Attwood of Shire Framing, we also debuted our popular Welcome2Chewsville cookies at Little Nan's Cream Tea and Table Top Sale (see pic above). The orange zest ones proved an instant hit and the cinnamon & raisin variety weren't far behind!

The Table Top Sales happen every last Sunday of the month and as well as our cookies, there are a variety of 'nan-made' and local sweet and savoury treats available to accompany the menu of eccentric cocktails such as the 'Pat Butcher' and 'Boy George', all served in vintage tea cups! 

Don't worry though - if you can't make it to Little Nan's, all you need do to get your lips wrapped around one of our chewiest of chewsome cookies is send an email or get in touch on Twitter. So easy a monkey could do it...

Thanks for the support so far - like us on Facebook and tell all your friends!
Say it ain't so. No, really? We're live? Yes people, we're live. DON'T say it with flowers is officially open for business.

*tumbleweed rolls through the study en route to the kitchen*

It's taken a lot of floured hands, inked surfaces, some tweets, plus a few pins and posts to get us here, but we're finally ready to welcome you into our 'shop' to have a look around. (Well, ready as we'll ever be)

We know that the first thing you're probably going to say is, "Where's the ecommerce site? I'm a one-click-buy kinda gal". Well, it's a fair point and we're working on it. Let's just say at the moment we're in 'BETA'; we're trialling and testing, and we're prepared to adjust as we go along in relation to how things develop.  

So, I'll keep this one brief. Take a look around. Tell us what you think. And for God's sake, next time you think "Shit, what am I going to buy mum for Mothering Sunday?" DON'T say it with flowers. Come to us. She'll thank you, we promise.


    Jo F, blogger extraordinaire and DON'Tsayit founder. Likes baking. And many other things. 


    July 2013