Say it ain't so. No, really? We're live? Yes people, we're live. DON'T say it with flowers is officially open for business.

*tumbleweed rolls through the study en route to the kitchen*

It's taken a lot of floured hands, inked surfaces, some tweets, plus a few pins and posts to get us here, but we're finally ready to welcome you into our 'shop' to have a look around. (Well, ready as we'll ever be)

We know that the first thing you're probably going to say is, "Where's the ecommerce site? I'm a one-click-buy kinda gal". Well, it's a fair point and we're working on it. Let's just say at the moment we're in 'BETA'; we're trialling and testing, and we're prepared to adjust as we go along in relation to how things develop.  

So, I'll keep this one brief. Take a look around. Tell us what you think. And for God's sake, next time you think "Shit, what am I going to buy mum for Mothering Sunday?" DON'T say it with flowers. Come to us. She'll thank you, we promise.

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    July 2013